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The Selling Habitudes

 A habitude is a repeated practice and mindset



  1.   The Habitudes of the STRATEGIST 

  2.   The Habitudes of the HUNTER 

  3.   The Habitudes of the DETECTIVE

  4.   The Habitudes of the PHARMACIST 

  5.   The Habitudes of the COUNSELOR 

  6.   The Habitudes of the PILOT 

  7.   The Habitudes of the FARMER


1. The Habitudes of the STRATEGIST

  • Clearly Define Your Outcome

  • Determine Your 12 Month Sales Targets

  • Plan Your Activities to Achieve Your 12 Month Target

  • Gain Agreement and Consensus from an Advocate

  • Assess Your Territory or Account Base

  • Identify New Opportunities

  • Become an Industry, Customer, and Product Expert

2. The Habitudes of the HUNTER

  • Identify Your Ideal Client Target (ICT)

  • Navigate the Gatekeeper (Hunters)

  • Learn the Communication Protocols of the Client

  • Overcome Contentment and Complacency

  • Identify the Hierarchy of Decision-Makers

  • Develop a Compelling Benefit Statement

  • Leverage LinkedIn for Lead-Gen

3. The Habitudes of the DETECTIVE

  • Design Though-Provoking, High-Yield Questions

  • Shelve Your Presuppositions and Assumptions

  • Identify "Aggravation" Buttons

  • Prepare Situational and Gap Questions

  • Build Trust, Rapport, and Credibility

  • Understand Temperament Styles

  • Become a Trusted-Advisor and Partner

4. The Habitudes of the PHARMACIST

  • Demonstrate Your Competitive Advantage

  • Deliver Value & Benefits

  • Differentiate and Position Your Unique Attributes

  • Sell Value, Not Price

  • Quantify the Value of Your Offer

  • Employ the Four Quadrants of an Effective Presentation

  • Gain Consensus and Buy-In

5. The Habitudes of the COUNSELOR

  • Flush-Out Uncertainties and Objections

  • Why Pushback and Objections are Your Best Friend

  • Deal Effectively with Price Resistance

  • Apply a 5-Step Method for Managing Any Objection

  • Eliminate “But” and “However” From Your Vocabulary

  • Avoid a Defensive Posture and Maintain Positivity

6. The Habitudes of the PILOT

  • The Five Most Common Buying Signals

  • The Use of Confirmation Questions 

  • The Single Most Effective Closing Method

  • Closing: The One Time it's Okay to Assume 

  • Seven Conversational Closing Methods

  • Why the “Always Be Closing” (ABC) Method is Ineffective

7. The Habitudes of the FARMER

  • Confirm the Outcomes the Customer is Looking to Achieve

  • Be Transparent and Manage Customer Expectations

  • Gain Consensus from Your Customer on the Details

  • Always Have a Contingency Plan in Your Hip Pocket

  • Deliver More Than You Promise – Or, At Least What You Promise

  • Allow the Customer to Define Exceptional Service


Designs a Plan for Achieving Sales Goals

Identifies New Business Opportunities

Uncovers Gaps, Challenges, and Pain

Prescribes Quantifiable Solutions

Resolves Uncertainties & Objections 

Steers the Sale to the Close

Nurtures and Grows Existing Customers


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